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Compact Colored Fluorescent Light Bulbs

If you’re looking for a temporary way to add color to a personal or commercial space, colored CFL light bulbs are a great way to go. Not only are they interchangeable with normal screw-in CFL light bulbs, but they offer the same cost savings uncolored compact fluorescent bulbs offer.

Colored compact fluorescent lighting is great for setting a mood or for use in an outdoor flood lamp, but keep in mind not all colored light bulbs provide ample light for clear visibility. Colored CFL bulbs are also ideal for holiday lighting. With a colored bulb, you can easily turn your normal flood light into a spooky, ominous light for Halloween with just a change of the bulb.

Red and blue are among the colors of screw-in color CFL bulbs offered by Lighting Sales LLC.

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  1. Compact Fluorescent Lights | HM11-13SL/Yellow 120V Mini-Spiral
    $8.02 each

  2. Compact Fluorescent Lights | HM13SL/Blue 120V Mini-Spiral
    $8.22 each

  3. Compact Fluorescent Lights | H23-25SL/Red 120 Volt
    $9.89 each

  4. Compact Fluorescent Lights | H23-25SL/Green 120 Volt
    $10.30 each

  5. Compact Fluorescent Lights | H23-25SL/Blue 120V Blue
    $10.70 each

  6. Compact Fluorescent Lights | H23-25SL/Yellow 120 Volt

    Compact Fluorescent Lights | H23-25SL/Yellow 120 Volt

    H23-25SL/Yellow 120 Volt

    Item has been discontinued. Please call us at 319-294-7099 to discuss replacement options. Learn More
    $10.74 each

    Out of stock

6 Item(s)

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