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T10 Fluorescent Linear Tube Lights

When it's time to replace light bulbs, use T10 fluorescent light tubes. They can produce nearly 15% more light than the T12 lamp and are more energy efficient. T10 light bulbs can also give your space a natural, daylight feel while lasting up to 20,000 hours. Choose from Cool White T10 Fluorescents, T10 82 CRI Light, or the Truetone CRI 87 Fluorescent to use in most commercial lighting situations.

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  1. Fluorescent Light Tube | F20T10CWRS Cool White
    $4.23 each

  2. Fluorescent Light Tube | F40T10 Truetone 841 (Case of 30)
    $6.80 each

  3. Fluorescent Light Tube | F40T10 Truetone 850 82 CRI
    $8.26 each

3 Item(s)

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