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Fluorescent Tube Lights - Linear, U-Bend, Shatter Resistant

Fluorescent tube are the most widely used light fixtures because of the versatility, shapes, and style. Fluorescent tube lights more efficiently convert electrical energy into visible light than other kinds of light fixtures. This allows fluorescent tubes to be used in a large variety of lighting applications including commercial and residential buildings.

Choosing the Right Fluorescent Tube

Because of fluorescent tube lights energy efficiency, they can be used just about anywhere. Straight fluorescent tubes come in a variety of sizes and can be used in office buildings, signage, or even add a little style to your home with back lit cabinets in your kitchen. Try circline fluorescent tubes for a modern update to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. U-bend tubes are a great low maintenance choice for high traffic areas like medical facilities, art studios, and other commercial buildings. For maximum safety, choose shatter resistant fluorescent lights with a protective safe-shield to prevent breaking.

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